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Multilayer Technology is equipped with the latest in sophisticated network technologies based on multiple LAN platforms that are fully integrated with Internet, Bulletin Board System (BBS), Communications, Systems and New Job Alert System. All LANS, communications systems and Internet are protected for security by firewalls and anti-virus protection software.

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Information Systems
  • Computerized JQS Job Quote System by Bacon Software
  • Computerized JTS Job Trac Systems by Bacon Software
  • Barcode tracking system


Data Transfer - Via Internet FTP and E-mail

Use our electronic information exchange system to upload your files via Internet FTP and E-mail
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CAD/CAM & Photoplotting

  • CAD/CAM & Photoplotting
  • Networked Dell Precision 360 Windows XP CAM Stations
  • Genesis 2000 Engineering/CAM software by Orbotech with Panelization, Scale Factor, DRC, DFM, Auto Drill & Auto Rout Automation
  • UCAM Engineering/CAM software by ManiaBarco with Panelization, Scale Factor, DRC, DFM, Auto Drill & Auto Rout Automation
  • Cam350 Engineering/CAM Software by DownStream Technologies
  • AutoCad LT 2005 CAD Software
  • Gerber Model Crescent 30 Photoplotter with Prism XP front-end on Dell Workstation
  • HP Design Jet 450C Drawing Printer
  • Gluntz & Jensen/ Dupont Easy Compact 72 Film Processor
  • 369T X-Rite Densitometer
  • RH-411 Temperature & Humidity meter by Omega


AOI / Electrical Test

  • Barco Accumatch 2 AOI Station with Ucam (2)
  • ManiaBarco ARGOS 8008 AOI System with 2 Mil Line/Space Technology capabilities
  • Orbotech Genesis 2000 with Test Automation & IPC 2221/Impedance Coupon Generator
  • Mania Technologies Ultim8 Flying Probe Tester
  • ManiaBarco UCAM Testing software Test Automation
  • CircuitLine Precise 2S Bare Board Tester, with simultaneous Netlist SMT Clamshell testing (2)
  • New Systems Model S22-25-PZ Flying Grid Netlist Tester (1)
  • New Systems S24-25 PZ Grid Flying Netlist Tester
  • Lavenir Netlist / FixMaster, Repair Master with verification
  • Circuit Line FRS2000 Fault verification system
  • Polar Instruments Si8000m Impedance Design System (Calculator)
  • Polar Instruments SB200a Professional PCB Stack up design and documentation Software
  • Polar Instruments Si8000 Field Quicksolver Package
  • Polar Instruments CITS 500s Controlled Impedance Test System, Acc230 Datalog Generator, ACC 264 Probe/Cable
  • Polar Instruments Tome OH-950 Fault Locator


Drilling / Routing / Scoring

  • Pluritec Multistation Automated Driller with 4 mils drilling capabilities (5)
  • Excellon Model MARK V Driller/Router machine
    (5 spindle)
  • Excellon Model EX2000 driller/router
  • Accu-Score numerically controlled V-Groove Scoring Machine with Jump Score (1)
  • Barnaby Model 802F pinning systems
  • BevelMate Model 035 Bevel machine by Radoll Design
  • EdgeMate by Radoll Design
  • Glenbrook Technologies RTX-113HV Real-time X-Ray Inspection System with Image Processor, Zoom PG Camera & Video Printer
  • Machines networked with all departments
  • Departments fully equipped with Tooling, Measurement and Other Support Equipment


Film / Image Transfer

  • C.A. Picard PinLam Post Etch Tooling
  • Olec AT30 high resolution printer w/dual drawers
  • Olec Model AP-30 high resolution dual drawer printer
  • Olec Model Imagemaster 5000 high resolution dual drawer printer
  • Atotech Chemcut 547XL photo resist developer
  • Tecnilith Model 6000 film developer
  • Western Magnum XRL-180 & XRL-240 photo resist Laminators
  • TEKNEK MICRO KLEAN 24 Pre Cleaner for Dry Film Laminators
  • Byers Digi-Scope measuring system
  • Dynachem Vacuumax 724 Dry Film Solder Mask Laminator
  • Dupont ASL-24 Auto Sheet Laminator
  • Custom Photo-Tool Filing/Storage System
  • Omega OS520 Handheld Infrared Pyrometer


Multilayer Lamination

  • TMP 30x30 HVP Vacuum Press Lamination System with WonderWare Real-Time Data Monitor/Logger Software on PC
  • Wabash 30x30 hydraulic press
  • C.A. Picard Lamination Plates up to 22 x 28 Panel Size
  • FEP, Teflon and Hybrid substrate bonding/lamination capabilities
  • Complete layup and prepreg storage department



  • Atotech/Chemcut 547XL Alkaline Etch System
  • Atotech/Chemcut 547XL Resist Developer
  • Advanced Plasma Systems APS PWB-8-209 Etchback System
  • IS PUMEX-PUMIFLEX 2000 SERIES Pumice/Alumina scrubbing system with Filter
  • Lantronic 2005 Model TT30 Lead-Free Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) with SMT Package TruTrack system
  • Lantronic Model 208 Hot Air Solder Leveler (HASL) w/SMT Package TruTrack System
  • Atotech/Chemcut 547XL Resist Developer
  • IPS Platemate Automatic Post Cleaner with rinse/dryer
  • IPS Horizontal Resist Stripper with Turbo Dryer
  • High pressure washer Omikron White-Tin line (1)
  • IPS XRD-24 board/panel Final Rinser with Turbo Dryer
  • 750 gallon 40:1 High Aspect Ratio copper plating tank (2)
  • IPS Permanganate Desmear Line 2005
  • 550 gallon copper plating tank
  • 550 gallon tin plating tank
  • 120 gallon deep nickel-Gold plating Line
  • 120 gallon electroplate tin/lead tank
  • 50 gallon MacDermid Sterling Immersion Silver Line
  • 50 gallon Palladium Plating Line
  • 50 gallon ATOTECH immersion Gold Line
  • MacDermid electroless copper line
  • Microplate nickel-gold tab line
  • Sulfuric etchback line
  • Pre-Clean Line
  • Tin/Solder Strip Line
  • Alternate Oxide Coating Line
  • Proheco hot oil fuseline w/preheat and rinse system
  • ASI 950 30" conveyorized copper scrubber
  • Grieve Model 333 curing ovens (2)
  • Sethco Carbolator


Soldermask & Legend

  • LPI/Thermal Silkscreen Printer
  • GYREX LPI Spray Coater Model 2500
  • GYREX IR Tack Dryer Model 8300
  • New System NewPrint Direct Imaging UV Curable Legend Ink Printer
  • Lantronics 2005 TruCure TC243 IR Curing System
  • Integrated Process Systems (IPS) developer
  • Barnaby screening station (3)
  • Colight DMVL 930 stencil exposure unit
  • Grieve Model 333 & 343 curing oven

Laboratory / Quality Assurance

  • Oxford Instruments CMI 900 X-Ray fluorescence plating thickness measurement system with solution analysis
  • Optek V-Series Video Inspection & Measurement System
  • CMI PTX hand-held gauge system
  • Struers Rotopol – 31 & Rotoforce-3 Microsection Polishing
  • OPTEM ZOOM 100 Precision Measurement system with Ultrak color camera and Monitor
  • PAXcam USB 2.0 Digital Camera System with PAX-it Enhanced Measurement, Image Analysis and Image Management
  • Omega Meter Model 600 SMD (Heated) Ionic Contamination System
  • Gramatech GVS3000 Vacuum Sealer Systems
  • TEW TISF400 package sealer
  • Buehler microsection grinding and polishing table
  • Grieve LW-201C lab oven (1)
  • PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption Photo Spectrometer
  • Complete QC inspection & measurement tools – NIST traceable and calibrated
  • Full in-house laboratory


  • 25,000 square foot facility
  • State-of-the-art Novell & Microsoft Network Infra-structure
  • High Reliability Redundant 1.5TB Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Novell GroupWise Email System
  • Enterprise Level Symantec Anti-Virus
  • Protection Enterprise Edition GWIA Spam Filter
  • Cisco Router with Sonic Wall Firewall in T1 Circuit
  • Management Information Systems
  • Bacon Job Quote System
  • Bacon Job Tracking System
  • Bacon Job Invoice System
  • Certified clean-rooms with humidity and temperature control (5 departments)
  • Ingersoll-Rand air compressor with refrigerated compressed air dryer
  • Saylor-Beall air compressor
  • Spencer turbine vacuum system 30HP
  • Spencer turbine vacuum system 60HP
  • Complete in-house continuous waste water treatment systems
  • Kinetico CIX-2000 DI Water Recycling System
  • IPS 4500 CFM Fume Scrubber
  • Full plating ventilation system and plating area air conditioned
  • Full in-house maintenance and repair capabilities
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler system


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